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All You Get (2002/2019)

Most of these songs were written in between the WTO protests in Seattle in November of 1999 and January 2002, a time in which I did two 30 date national tours (independently booked). I worked the songs for the record out in front of audiences that varied from attentive to hostile to indifferent. It’s hard to imagine I’ll ever approach a recording as at the top of my game as I was here.

I flew too close to the sun.

On the verge of finishing, I sat on these tracks for almost two decades.. If it weren’t for Marshall Thompson (from The Previous) I don’t know if I would have been able to finish it but he helped me immensely and then Sheldon Gomberg mixed it and now…

I guess it’s a big beautiful lie because it isn’t all you get, but I promise you, when I made it I really thought it was, and it still might be the best you’ll ever get…from me that is.

“All You Get” was primarily recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia in January of 2002 with Ford Pier and the best musicians he knew from the smartest music scene I’d found after a decade of touring with The Previous and solo.


Written & Produced by Andras Jones
Arranged & Directed by Ford Pier
Engineered by Marc L’esperance
Restoration by Marshall Thompson
Mixed by Sheldon Gomberg
with Jason Gossman
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt
Album Design: Greg Allen
Cover Photos: Sarah Skinner
Record Guy: Peter Jesperson

Andras Jones: Vocals & Guitar
Ford Pier: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, French Horn, Vibraphone, Keyboards, Accordion, Vocals on “Birthday Boy”, Drums on “Natalie Wood Said…” and “Jealousy Nation”
Frazey Ford: Vocals on “All You Get”, “Spin The Bottle”, “Cartesian Shack”
Samantha Parton: Vocals on “You Moved To Chicago”
Marc L’esperance: Violin, Vocals on “Birthday Boy”
Barry Mirochnick: Drums
Peggy Lee: Cello
Ida Nilsen: Trumpets
Veda Hille: Organ on “Paint My Day”
Keith Rose: All Upright Bass, Bass Guitar on “One More Figure”
Marshall Thompson: Piano on opening of “Insecurely”,  Mellotron on “Birthday Boy” & Wurlitzer organ on “One More Figure”
R. Walt Vincent: Bass on “Birthday Boy

Brought to you by Erica Russel