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Spin The Bottle

When I wrote and recorded the songs for this album I was 10 years married and still in love. Whether I was in love with my wife or with my idea of our marriage is something I’ve wondered a lot about in the years since, but at the time I didn’t see any difference. When she made what seemed to me to be the abrupt decision to end our marriage I lost all passion for songwriting and performing for many years.

It happens.

That’s what I think of when I hear “Spin The Bottle” now, but it’s a million miles away from what I was thinking when I wrote and recorded it. At the time, I believed in the complexity of our unconventional domesticity. I still believe in the possibility of yours.



Spin The Bottle

She likes playin’ spin the bottle
with her groovy crew
He has mistresses in towns from
Jacksonville to Kalamazoo
and when they meet
in bed or on the street
they always take a break
to say,
“How do you do?”

Because she believes in full disclosure
Everything’s allowed
While he requires privacy and
doesn’t take much comfort from
the crowd she keeps
so when they part
is when their lives burst into art
His inside his room
and hers out at the orgy on the dune

Well if you were a happy couple
do you think you’d know it?
Think of all the happy couples
that you know
who blow it
by stayin’ together

She’s got issues
He’s got fears
She’s got tissues
He’s got beers
and after one too many
years another year goes by…
but when they talk about themselves
to the emotional midgets and intellectual elves who
seem to be the norm
they congratulate themselves
that they did not conform

Well, if you were a happy couple
think of all the happy couples
who stay together…

She likes playing spin the bottle


Written by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Frazey Ford – Vocals
Ford Pier – Bass Guitar & Keyboard

Arranged by Ford Pier
Recorded by Marc L’esperance
Mixed by Sheldon Gomberg
Production assistance by Marshall Thompson