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Cartesian Shack

This is my idea of a Canadian psychedelic song.

There is a connection between “Cartesian Shack” and the “furnace and a chair” from “The Things I Have To Live Without”. 

I really love the live version in the video below.



Cartesian Shack

There’s a Cartesian shack
where I go to unwind out back
and the fumes in the shack are so thick
that at first I start feelin’ sick
but then the
nausea dissipates
and I’m suddenly feeling great
in my Cartesian shack…
Oh yeah

A vision comes unto me
First I see her
then she sees me
and she offers me some cheese
I say, “No thank you.
I’m a vegan”,
and she gets down on her knees
and worships me
‘til I believe her
in my Cartesian shack
Oh yeah

You think therefore you are
That’s pretty good
but I’ve gone further
Slumped here at the bar
“I coulda been
you’re fuckin’ fuhrer
but I’m the stupertsar
of my private controversy
Now you know the score
so maybe you could spare some mercy…”
for the guy out back
in his Cartesian shack
Cartesian shack
Oh yeah
Cartesian shack
Oh yeah
Cartesian shack
Oh yeah
Way out back in a Cartesian shack
Cartesian shack


Written by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Frazey Ford – Vocals
Ford Pier – Electric Guitar, French Horn
Ida Nillsen – Trumpets
Marc L’esperance – Violin
Keith Rose – Upright Bass
Barry Mirochnik – Drums

Arranged by Ford Pier
Recorded by Marc L’esperance
Mixed by Sheldon Gomberg
Production assistance by Marshall Thompson