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This song is another, like “Spin The Bottle”, chronicling my complicated marriage.

Ford’s arrangement on “Insecurely” as well as his own performance of so many instruments on the track, is genuinely transcendent. To my ear at least.



Your love may be driven and pure
but you
feel neither safe nor secure
you know
that ultimately
you can
never be sure
that when she goes
outside and she comes back in
she won’t be comparing you
to him
when that’s
exactly what she’ll be
doin’ as
long as you’re so scared of the dark
and ambiguous spark
that you can only ignite
when you’re…

Somewhere else
Something else

But all the thoughts in your head
just ain’t enough to deny
all the things that she said
that she thinks she’d like to try
and though you know
that it’s gonna hurt you
for a long a day or three
can you really assert
that that’s the
way you wanna be
just because she’s…

Somewhere else
Something else
Somewhere else

How many gods does it take to screw
a light bulb in
How many gods does it take to screw
your light bulb in?
No don’t tell me.
How many gods does it take to screw
your light bulb


How many more time must I say,
“I really don’t mind if you stray
just so long as you come back safe”
before I actually feel that way?
Until that day I’ll
just live secure in the fear that
whenever you are not here there’s
a chance you might be

Something else with
Someone else
Somewhere else


Written by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Ford Pier – Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Accordion & French Horn
Marc L’esperance – Violin
Peggy Lee – Cello
Marshall Thompson – Opening Piano
Barry Mirochnik – Drums

Arranged by Ford Pier
Recorded by Marc L’esperance
Mixed by Sheldon Gomberg
Production assistance by Marshall Thompson