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Andras (pronounced On-Dross) is a songwriter with roots in Olympia, Boston and Los Angeles. His band Mr. Jones & The Previous (alternately Mr. Jones & The Fascists, Mr. Jones & The Hard Feelings and simply, The Previous) released 5 albums and toured extensively through the 1990’s. Before The Previous, Jones was in The Boon with Josh Clayton-Felt (later of School Of Fish). After The Previous, Jones toured and released music solo, sharing stages and sessions with the likes of Dan Bern, Spearhead, Rickie Lee Jones, John Wesley Harding, Jackson Browne, Patti Smith, Andy Dick, Sarah Silverman, Shmushkin and Chris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy.

Outside of music Andras is known as an actor from films like A Nightmare On Elm Stret 4: The Dream Master and TV shows like Saved By The Bell. He is the creator and host of The Radio8Ball Show where guests are invited to ask questions which are answered by picking songs at random and interpreting them like musical tarot cards. He is the host of The World Is Wrong Podcast, and the author of Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia (from Sync Book Press).

Andras performs the song “Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie” on the upcoming Lowell George tribute Long Distance Love from Flat Iron Records alongside artists like Elvis Costello, Ben Harper & Inara George, due to be released on Flat Iron Records for Sweet Relief in March of 2024.

Why “Previously Yours”?

The name of my band was The Previous. For many years I ended all my correspondence, “Previously Yours”. I started signing “Presently Yours” when the band was over (even though it wasn’t). These phrases, being the ones I’ve typed more than any other, seem an appropriate banner under which to gather all my work.

How should people use this site?

Think of it as a little library or museum where you can buy some of the materials to support the continuance of the endeavor but, as my friend Sandman said in a song, “Everything is free. Take what you need”…on Soundcloud.

What’s the plan with the blog?

My intention is to write about the materials in the collection and have others do so as well. I’m imagining people I’ve worked with, and those who have insights to share, but for now it’ll just be me (unless otherwise noted). There is a big picture to all of this. I don’t know if I’ll be able to communicate it effectively enough for you, but I am enjoying making sense of it for myself more than I thought I might.

If you have a story to tell about the content on this site and would like to tell it here please reach out to….

If people would like to hire you who should they contact?

For acting work: The Bohemia Group
For all other inquiries: theradio8ballshow@gmail.com


The Wrong Side of Town album cover

All You Get



The Wrong Side of Town album cover

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4:
The Dream Master



The Wrong Side of Town album cover

The World Is Wrong