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Previously yours…at length

In 1998, while seeking my father’s ghost at Evergreen (the school where he led the dream seminars documented in his book The Dream Poet) I encountered The Pop Oracle and created RADIO8BALL…

…which led to the discovery of the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia which I wrote about in Accidental Initiations

…which was published by Sync Book Press who distributed the SYNCHRONIZE podcast with Alan Abbadessa…

…and after decades of working to demonstrate through synchronicity the harmony of all things, I surrendered to the unavoidable conclusion that THE WORLD IS WRONG…and its probably wrong about you.


The Radio8Ball Show

Radio8Ball is a Pop Oracle where we answer questions by picking songs at random and interpreting them like musical tarot cards. Download our app from the iTunes app store. It’s free and filled with over 2 thousand songs recorded live on Radio8Ball.


Andras Jones and Alan Abbadessa (Sync Book publisher & creator of the Little Ghost video game) explore the world of “SYNC” for Sync Book Press. Over two seasons (1 audio, 1 video) Alan, Andras and their synchronicity-minded guests explored the fractious end of a community that began with inspiration, and ended with Nazis.

The World is Wrong

Andras Jones & Bryan Connolly (Author of Destroy All Movies) celebrate films and film artists the world is wrong about with an expanding and impressive roster of guests and guest co-hosts like Steven Shainberg, Jon Ronson, Henry Bean, Steven Peros & Larry Bishop