Complicated ’00 (2001)

I love this millenial collection of tracks maybe more than anything I’ve done. I love it because they’re all collaborations (and a cover that was introduced to me by Josh Clayton-Felt on a birthday mix tape in ’93).

Josh’s death hangs over this half an album, and is as much a reason for my taking two decades to put out the next recording as anything*.

Even though The Boon ended in 1988, I’d always felt like we were still in a musical conversation. Just like swapping songs on the quad at The Cambridge School. When that conversation ended I lost someone I’d built myself to guide by, even (and perhaps especially) in friendly conflict.

For reasons those who know me know, Josh and I are forever entwined and unresolved. And yet..

I am more resolved than I might have been  had it not been for the men who came together with me and made this disc. R. Walt Vincent, Ethan Gold, Kelly Van Camp, Carl Dexter, Christopher Kirk & Chad Fischer. I am forever grateful to you.

* I know, this CD came out before “A Curmudgeon For All Seasons” but that record took a long time to mix and press, and these songs were recorded in between those sessions and the release.


Written by Andras Jones
Produced by R. Walt Vincent

“Mystery Behind”
Written by Andras Jones & Chad Fisher
Produced by Chad Fisher

“Six Million Dollar Ken”
Written by Andras Jones, Kelly Van Camp & Carl Dexter
Produced by Karl Dexter

Written by Ray Davies
Performed live by Andras Jones

“Complicated O”
Written by Andras Jones
Produced by R. Walt Vincent