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A Curmudgeon For All Seasons (2001)

I wrote this collection of anti-holiday songs over the course of the 1990’s until it felt like I had an album’s worth.

It was a heady time for me at the end of the millennium.

The Attic Expeditions was on the verge of release and I was playing a crucial role in the Olympia punk rock opera The Transfused.

As a musician, I was touring an extensive circuit that ran from Olympia to San Diego to New Orleans to Boston thru Chicago to Montana and back to Oly. All independently booked by me with artists I knew in each town, many of whom I booked when they came to my regions of influence.

And to top things off I was working for one of my musical heroes: Rickie Lee Jones. This gig started with me helping her build a goat hutch which led to my helping her go through her archives for material to release online and eventually to this record coming out on Great Big Island Records, who she was working with at the time.

It was the closest I could get to my idea of  “making it” without all that money and fame to confuse things.

The cover photo (I think the best I’ve ever had) was taken by Rickie’s good friend Lee Cantelon aka Pennyhead.


All songs written  by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Vocals
Brian Schey – Bass Guitar & Orchestral Arrangements on “Another X-Mas Song”
Colin Mahoney – Drums & Percussion
Tom Johnson – Hammond Organ & Rhodes Piano

Produced with Brian Schey & Colin Mahoney
at z’gwon,th studio in Lawrence, Kansas – September & October 1999
with engineering help from Tom Johnson,
Dan Balsinger & Anne Stephens

Mixed & Mastered by Colin Mahoney

Photographs and Art Direction by Pennynhead
Graphic Production by Michael Love

Thanks to everyone who let me crash on their couch or booked me for a gig or sent me encouraging e-mails or bought CD’s or shared food or information. Thank you. And thanks to C&C Drums and Guitar in Lawrence, KS for the sleigh bells, to all the members of Great Big Island records, to C. Jones and T. Newman for fearless fore fighting, and to Rickie Lee and Goatie.