The Previous “UnPop…” (1997)

This is the pinnacle of The Previous.

It took us five attempts but we did manage to achieve one record about which I have zero regrets or apologies. I am confident the others are good, even great in their way, but this is the only one that has pleased me from the day we mixed it until now.

A mini pop opera inspired by The Who, The Kinks, They Might Be Giants and the Olympia band The Noses, UnPop… tells the tale of Dennis Bland, a middle school nerd who believes that if he acts like the heroes of his favorite movies and TV shows he will acheive popularity and success, only to learn that the world is cruel, pain is real, and…it’s not funny. Not funny at all.

The original CD’s come with an actual strip of corduroy fabric glued into the disc case, and there was a limited 50 unit run of UnPop… 8-track tapes. If you have one it is extremely rare.

There was supposed to be a sequel to this album: UnPop…2: The Truth According To Martin Way featuring songs like “Fashionable Nothing”, “Knew You” & “UnNoticed” but clearly that didn’t happen.


All songs written by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Lead Vocals & Electric Rhythm Guitar
John Nason – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Marshall Thompson – Keyboards & Vocals
Brian Schey – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Colin Mahoney – Drums

Recorded at Stepping Stone in Seattle with Kevin Suggs
Except “I’m In Pain” & “Corduroy” which were recorded at Pure Sound in Bothell, WA with John Russell

Additional tracking with Earle Mankey & Tom Weir in LA
Mixed at John & Stu’s in Seattle with Kevin Suggs


ONCE AGAIN…those who believed in us enough to pre-order the record helped make “UnPop…” possible. THANK YOU!

James Calvert, Frank, Mary & Justin Bartlett, Noah Margo, Kent Verderico, Christopher Roberts, Charles & Melanie Ross, Valerie McMullin, Brenda Schneider, Christopher DeHaven, Marshall Thompson & Kristen Hamilton, Hilary Avalon, Joshua M. Margo & Lynn E. Ginsberg, Jack Morrissey, Marie Snyder, George “G Man” Young & Darlene “H.B.” Howard, Maggie Holzer, Anna Lopez Somers, Michelle Hoy, Indea and Cris Love, Rene Bressieux