Mr. Jones & The Fascists: In Search Of The Hundredth Monkey (1992)

Recorded live in downtown Los Angeles at the Mary’s Danish rehearsal studio during, and in the aftermath of, the LA uprisings that followed the acquittal of the LAPD officers who beat Rodney King.

Inspired by the 100th Monkey event & action at The Nevada Nuclear Test Site on Western Shoshone land, and my experience shooting “Averill’s Arrival” in Vienna.

Fueled by young love, psychedelics, and that early 1990’s feeling that things were going to get better now that the Cold War was over and a Democrat was headed to the White House.

On our first tour (opening for Clan Dyken, opening for Wavy Gravy on the Nobody For President tour) Heidi Love invented crowd funding, pre-selling copies of the CD to our fans in exchange for a thank you on the record.

I’m still grateful…for all of it.


All songs written by Andras Jones

Recorded live and engineered by
Colin Mahoney, John Nason & Marshall Thompson

Andras Jones – Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

John Nason – Lead Guitar, Bass on “Drug War”, Alto Sax on “Mercury, NV” and Butcher Shop Vocals

Colin Mahoney – Drums & Percussion

Marshall Thompson – Keyboards & Butcher Shop Vocals

Clay Goldstein – Harmonica & Butcher Shop Vocals

Brian Mastalski – Bass Guitar & Butcher Shop Vocals

Steve Taylor – Banjo on “Ain’t I A Woman”

Julie Christensen – Goddess vocals on “Who’s Gonna Make It Rain?” and “Ain’t I A Woman”

Randy Kaplan – Backing vocals on “Wind Forever” & “Ain’t I A Woman”

Dan Bern – Backing vocals on “Sweet, Sweet Wine”

Josh Clayton-Felt – Open-tuned Acoustic Guitar and Harmony Vocals on “The Sun”

“Ain’t I Woman” speech by Sojournor Truth


Thank you to everyone who funded this CD so we could do it the way we wanted to.

Amos Glick, Jen Bloom, David Russ, Joseph Briggs, India Summer Love, Lilly Love, John Aaron, Niki Showell, Jill DeGraffenreid, Amy “Pinky” Shouse, Michael W. Kaliski, Frank Lucido, Woody Hastings, Rudolf Mestdagh, Rick Springer, Leah Starr, Ryan Paul Gilbert, Violet Grace Middleton, Julia Bovey, Christopher Roberts, Sam & Rona Conti, Howard Kaplan, Toby Boyd, Brian Jacobs, Dan Greenwood, Piper Rankine, Peter D’elia Derek Seiburth, Dan Selim, Claudia Merieb, Nancy Tracewell, Jim Stieglitz, Kenneth Hoechst, Sandy Hampton, Brian Prosser, Wayne Nirenberg, Walt Vincent & Nina Kawasaki, Babe Hack, John White, Rita Burke, Bill Mahaffey, Kellilee Wyatt, Lara E Lee, Jullianne Sabula, Gene & Kathy Ruzicka, Elden Fentleberry Love, Bob Palais, The Den in Salt lake City, Lori Linn, Kelly McClernon, Tracie Cleverly, Donald P. Borchers, Alexandra Paul, Jack Morrissey, Susie Balaban, Samantha J. Lamie, Dan Banda, Tony Alvarez, Laury Emmerson, Jennifer Miller, Brent H. Merritt, Jeffrey Cleveland, Dean Wick, Molly Orange Richardson, Shane Duncan, Carla D’Amoto, Thomas Richardson, Dan Dickinson, James Cleverly, Diana Mazwell, Zenon Lukasiewicz, Marie Snyder, james Calvert, Bill Calvert, Nick Etcheverry, Craig E. Matthews, Mark Joachim, Lisa Linares, Kirsten Brown, Chawn Fessenmeir, Barbara Linkevtch, Steve Harris, Daniel L. Wolf, Pang-Mei Chang, Erin Riley, James Lee Harris Jr., Mick Rogan, Marion Mueller, Pontus Frei, Charity Kahn, Jerry Meadors, Poopsie Baghead, Jason Starr, Kerry O’Donnell, Linda Rose Flinkman, Josh, Wesley Cason, Christopher DeHaven, Greg “Pink” Pentacost, Susan Jones, Josh & Sarah Troy, “H’ Randall Morgan, Carl G. “Busdriver” Morgan, Danny Cifaldi, Sarah Fasy, Christine Love, Dion Suhr, Danielle anti-Slaughter, Ruth Smullin, Louis Smullin, Tom Shadyac, Evan A Bartoletti, Julian Bustamanti, Thomas dean Kellogg, Richelle “Rocky” Lane, Meiert Avis, Bert Jordahl, Jennifer Long, Christopher Beaumont, Kelly Sparkman, Gerald Carver Armstrong II, Abby Bram, Rich & Ted, Devon Meadows, Margo Romero, Susan Munro

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