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Porch Music (1990)

Ask anyone who was there.

During the LA coffeehouse explosion of the late 1980’s Mr. Jones & The Previous were a phenomenon that would inspire and dissapoint many. Our raucous fatalism is somewhat captured on these tracks.

Back in 1990 we were the second band I knew who made our own CD. The first was a group called Hill of Beans.

Steven Shainberg gave me the three grand for the recording after I acted for free in his student film “The Prom” with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Jason-Leigh.

Earle Mankey who produced The Beach Boys and Sparks and so many other bands gave us his production wisdom at a very reasonable rate.

And the band?

We were magical beyond belief. I’d bamboozled so many talented people into falling in around me, and they’ve all gone on to greater things so…despite its flaws, I consider “Porch Music” to be a big success. Just follow the tributaries and you’re going to discover some great music behind every one of the players.

The house on the cover is the “sunspot” place at the corner of Curson and DeLongpre in Hollywood which is now, and forever, previous.


All songs written by Andras Jones
Engineered (and Produced) by Earle Mankey

Andras Jones – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Clay Goldstein – Harmonica, Jaw Harp & Vocals
R. Walt Vincent – Bass
John Nason – Guitar
Colin Mahoney – Drums
& Deb Pasternak – Vocals

Lili Haydn – Violin on “What’s Wrong With The Mirror”

Steve Isaacs, Dan Clark & Jesse Richardson –
Backing Vox on “Three Cheers For The Band”