For Dennis Bland

Dennis Bland is our protagonist. Serious fans of The Who will recognize an homage in his name.

This is the only instrumental track in The Previous catalogue (or in my own for that matter). It makes sense. When I first started writing songs I thought of my guitar like a typewriter. Even if you don’t aspire to be one, if you play long enough, you’ll become a musician. And if you write long enough you’ll write some songs you’d never think you would.


For Dennis Bland

Lyrics? What lyrics?
This song is instrumental
Therefore no lyrics


Written by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Acoustic Guitar
John Nason – Lead Guitar
Marshall Thompson – Keyboards
Brian Schey – Bass Guitar

Recorded at Stepping Stone in Seattle with Kevin Suggs
Additional tracking with Earle Mankey & Tom Weir in LA
Mixed at John & Stu’s in Seattle with Kevin Suggs