There aren’t many video of my shows from this era. This is definitely the best I’ve seen.

At the turn of the millennium, in the spring of 2001, I was at the beginning of a 30 city tour in support of “A Curmudgeon For All Seasons” album with Chris Sand aka Sandman: The Rappin’ Cowboy.

We were booked to open for Serene Dominic and one of his many iterations at The Emerald Lounge.

The Previous first met Dominic when we were booked to share a bill at Nightingales in NYC (CMJ ’92) with his band Serene Dominic and The Semi Finalists. They were as insanely committed to their schtick as we were, and their “Box City” box sets were/are an artifact that those who have them either rightly cherish or frustratingly fail to appreciate the value of. Since then Dominic moved to Phoenix where he continues to be New York-level interesting in the desert. Make of this what you will. The point being…opening for Serene Dominic under any iteration was, for me, as hefty a gig as any. It brought out the best in me.

I’m grateful to Ralph Brekan for filming this show before doing such things was as easy as it is now.