Don’t ask me what Olympia’s secret is or I might tell you.

Maybe Olympia is a town in Washington. Maybe it’s some mythical land of the gods. And maybe it’s the name of a woman or man the town (or the gods) abandoned.

I could be Olympia’s secret. I’m a seeker of its secrets and a keeper of a few. I can be a reveal-er of its secrets too.

This song was about a specific woman when I wrote it. Her name wasn’t even Olympia. When I sing it now, I feel like her; the sexy target of small town bullies and the people who believe them.

Her name was Victoria. 

The video for “Olympia’s Secret” was directed by Mischa Livingstone & Ricky Jhou Ruei-Ci of Loyola Marymount University and shot in Olympia, Washington. Mischa is a professor of film and Ricky Jhou is one of his top students. I think they made something very special for my song.