Might As Well Make It (Wonderful)

I wrote “Might As Well Make It (Wonderful)” during the initial days of the Covid lockdown. It’s unlike any song I’ve ever written. The song started with me re-learning “In The Wee Small Hours” made famous by Frank Sinatra. When I played the opening chord my immediate response was to utter line that became the first line of this song.

Another inspiration for the song was my old friend and bandmate Josh Clayton-Felt’s track “Backwards World” from his posthumously released album Spirit Touches Ground.

Producing this track got me few the first many months of Covid lockdown, and reminded me that I could produce my own music. The ethos of this track came to be foundational to my production approach.



It’s a pretty cool chord
to build a world around
Each note its own reward
Fast forward or rewound
And when you’re trapped and feeling bored
and no one is around
Your solitude assured you pour
some verb into your noun
and all to soon
the song is done
and that’s no fun
‘cause it’s a really cool chord
to build your day around
Oh yeah
It’s all you can afford
but that don’t get you down
and the fact is you’ve adored
this chance to shut it all down
Don’t know what you’re heading toward as you
sink into the sound
and all too young
the song is done
and that’s no fun
Naw it ain’t no fun
Naw it ain’t no fun

Might as well
make it wonderful


Written & Produced by Andras Jones

Andras Jones – Lead & Harmony Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Vikram Devasthali – Trombone
John Schroeder – Electric Guitar
Rhythm Section Unknown

Recorded by Andras Jones
& the players in their home studios
Mixed with Sheldon Gomberg & Kevin Smith