The last live Radio8Ball event was 6 years ago in Olympia, Washington at Obsidian (RIP) featuring The Hard Way & Lisa Wilcox with Sam Miller. That night ended with the actions recounted in the song “Absolutely No Sense of Humor” which made me feel like the universe was telling me to take a break, and maybe get back to songwriting and making records.

The Radio8Ball podcast has been on hiatus for 2 years. I shut it down when it became obvious to me that the cultural climate was making it feel dangerous to ask questions in public about a wide range of topics from medical choice to Ukraine/Russia/China/Syria/Israel/Cuba/Canada/Mexico etc to presidential politics and any number of cancelled celebrities, vilified journalists, and media figures.

Asking questions in a curious whimsical manner, and being open to the most audacious answers, is the essence of our show.

I wasn’t sure when The Pop Oracle would return. I just knew that when I brought it back, I wouldn’t be doing so alone. I was prepared to wait and work on other things.

So, when my old friend ANGEL MORGAN, the former president and current conference host of the International Association for the Study of Dream (IASD) invited me to present Radio8Ball as a keynote address at their annual conference in Ashland this June, it felt like a synchronicity.

Ashland, Oregon on the eve of the summer solstice, at a dream conference during the Shakespeare festival? Are you kidding me!?! My father (and his ghost) would never forgive me if I said no. Maybe, just maybe, a room full of self-selecting dreamers will reflect upon the synchronicities we generate more generously than I’ve been able to achieve in the entertainment realm in the show’s recent past.

I invited one of Radio8Ball’s favorite singer-songwriters BART DAVENPORT to provide the musical answers to the questions from the attendees at the dream conference, so we’re going to be in great shape music-wise.

We’ll be filming the whole thing for IASD’s website so stay tuned.

I was recently on two different podcasts where we discussed Radio8Ball at IASD with Bart Davenport & TBD.

DREAM POWER RADIO with Debbie Spector Weisman

Listen to “Andras Jones – How the Pop Oracle can tell you what you’re really thinking” on Spreaker.

THE DREAM JOURNAL with Katherine Bell on KSQD in Santa Cruz, Ca

The Radio8Ball Show: Synchronicity with Andras Jones

If you’re a dreamer who dreams about dreamers and dreaming you are definitely going to want to attend this conference.

I am sorry I didn’t announce this to you earlier. I’ve been finishing my record, producing The Other Paul Williams podcast, and working through some seriously deep second Saturn return shit that has overwhelmed me and made me very lax on the promotional side of things.

The upside of all of this is that I am ready to kick off the upcoming Radio8Ball Show…um….I mean….Radio8Ball Keynote…in Ashland with a doozy of a question.