Listen to “The Projection Booth podcast – Episode 594: Far From Home (1989)” on Spreaker.

“Far From Home” is a film I’ve always felt might be more important than its non-existent reputation but, like most films I’ve acted in, I have difficulty seeing it for what it is.

I’m a big fan of The Projection Booth podcast hosted by Mike White. It was one of the first I found when I started getting into podcasts and it remains one of the best and most thoroughly researched around. Thus, I figured if I could get Mike and my World is Wrong co-host Bryan Connolly to watch it and talk about it, I might glean something valuable from their conversation. I did but I was not prepared (though I should have been) for Mike’s scholarly diligence in covering this pulpy exploitation flick. From reading different versions of the script (How he got them I don’t know) to conducting interviews with the director (Mieret Avis), the writer (Tommy Lee Wallace), the cinematographer (Paul Elliott), and the producer (Donald P. Borchers), Mike has crafted a fantastic document to accompany this film and place it in proper cinematic context.

The crazy thing is that Mike gives this attention to almost every film he covers and this is his FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY FOURTH episode!

I encourage you to listen all the way to the end to hear Mike and Bryan discuss straight to video erotic thrillers of the 1980’s. It’s total filmnerdporn!

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