Every artist (minus exemplary exceptions) imagines being interviewed.

Those of us who have “enjoyed” this privilege know how generally hollow it is. This conversation on A Lone Traveler’s Guide to the Divine is a rare exception.

I LOVE Amanda’s podcast. From her first episode I recognized how she is, in her way, continuing the kind of synchronistic exploration we did on Radio8Ball, which was itself an extension of my father’s dream seminars. So I gave her his book “The Dream Poet” and she invited me into a clearing in which I could express some complexities that usually require too much explanation for a normal interview.

It makes sense that Amanda is able to hold this space for me. She was the Galahad of Sacred Ushers (a concept we discuss in this episode), and I know for a fact that she has been “accidentally initiating” herself in the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia from my book, on rainy and cold days as well as sunny ones, and always with the same curious disposition.

Among other things this episode features two musical divinations using the Radio8Ball app, and the music of Dan Bern and Amelie Julac aka Julia McAlee. Those who are curious about the future of Radio8Ball, and your possible role in it, should listen all the way to the end. Maybe you’ll find you’re a lone traveler too.

Please do yourself a favor and support Amanda’s work. It will support you!