Anya marina

Anya Marina

I don’t think Anya loves this song. One time when she was the musical guest on The Radio8Ball Show she mentioned jokingly that it was weird of me to have my “alter-ego” write a song about her.

First of all, that’s offensive. Shmushkin isn’t my alter-ego. He’s my client. That said, this song, which Shmushkin agreed to sing, is sincere enough to be uncomfortable. I was genuinely in the grips of a full-blown over-the-top crush on Anya when I wrote this song, which is almost never fun to be on the receiving end of. It’s a testament to Anya’s cool temperament and sense of humor that we remain friends to this day. It is possible the experience may have soured her on Shmushkin though so, if you see her, maybe don’t bring this one up.

Anya appears in/on the”Christmas Cunnilingus” video/track.

NOTE: If you find your way to the ANDY DICK record “The Darkest Day Of The Year” on Spotify Anya was the primary writer on Murder Ballad #35



Anya Marina
You’re makin’ me stupid
I don’t believe in the arrow of cupid
but Anya Marina
I’m smitten
I’m bitten
I’m stung
How come
I always act so dumb
around someone
Anya Marina
that foul-mouthed diva
Breathtaking overbite
Maybe you’ve seen her
Anya Marina
OK so maybe this can’t be love
but it ain’t just
a fleeting case of lust
that’s gonna bust
If Anya Marina
knew what I was thinking
as I over-compensate
laughing and drinking
Anya Marina
could very well
turn tail and run
How come
I always get so dumb
around someone
like you



Written by Andras Jones
Performed by Shmushkin